Sunday, March 27, 2011

Garden Progress: 3/27/11

And now for your viewing pleasure... Swiss chard left over from the winter, some tomatoes and lettuce. The big herb in the middle is oregano. We Greeks have to have LOTS of oregano! Basil, tomatoes and herbs in the front. Thyme, Aloe Vera, and catnip. :) My big, long row of tomatoes. Sugary cherry tomatoes growing up! There is also varigated oregano, italian oregano, flat leaf parsely, and basil in the same pot with these tomatoes. Italian dinner pot! Lettuce and lavendar in a pot. Tumbling Tom red and yellow tomatoes. Specifically designed for hanging baskets. Satsuma Orange and Key Lime trees. They are covered in flowers! Cukes (county fair hybrid, one of the few hybrids I grow) in the famous HD buckets. Tomatoes to the left (Delicious), Golden California Wonder Peppers in the middle front, Black Beauty Zukes to the right, and that monstrosity in the back is rosemary, climbing the fence! Strawberries, Ozark Everbearing

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