Monday, June 11, 2012

A long time coming...

Been a while, ain't it.  Life has changed quite a bit since I last updated.  I still garden, I still penny-pinch, I still stockpile.  But I bought that house, and I even paid off all my debt, but for my mortgage.  Car, medical, credit cards, all of it, gone and by God, it will never be seen again.

I drank the Dave Ramsey kool-aid.  Pitchers of it.  I knuckled down and paid off over $9,000 in about a year.  Next on the list, building my bank account back up to over 5 figures.  To the left of the decimal.  :)  As I sit today, I am at $840.  Yes, less than the Dave approved $1,000 in baby step 1, but I got sick at the end of BS 2, so I tapped into the Baby Emergency Fund for a little of it.  At least it isn't on a credit card...

I have a few 'big' things to do right now:  take my cats to the vet for their annual shots, get 2 new tires, get my car tuned up and checked out.  Once those are done, which should be around the end of August, I will start going full-throttle on the Fully Funded Emergency Fund (BS 3).  Until then, check back for updates and inventive ways I am saving!


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