Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Tap tap tap!  Is this thing on?  Every once in a while I remember I do in fact have a blog, and I should update it.  *sigh*

So, despite this little ninja cold spell we are currently experiencing, it is Spring in South Texas!  Garden season is about to kick off and here are some plans for mine this season:

New varieties:
Tomatoes -
Blue Berry
Amish Paste
Cherries Jubilee
Salsa Verde Tomatillos

Squash -
Jumbo Pink Banana
Cupcake Hybrid

Melons -
Hale's Best Jumbo (musk melon)
Crimson Sweet
Sugar Baby

Herbs -

Yes, you read that right, I am putting in a melon bed.  We will see how that goes but I am excited.  Pictures to follow, I promise.  The tomato seedlings are up, hardened off and ready to plant next weekend I think.  Need to get out there and clear some winter stuff out (greens, radishes, etc.) and trim up the never ending peppers.  Oh, and weed out the onion bed.  So until next time, garden on my friends!

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