Tuesday, March 23, 2010

The Great Foliar Feeding Experiment - 2010

So I keep hearing about 'foliar feeding'. How plants do better with supplemented with nutrients and minerals taken in via their leaves and stems, in addition to traditional feedings via their roots. It does make sense, in that it is additional food. So I got to looking and I found 2 products that sounded like the best: Spray-N-Grow found on QVC and Sea Magic found through a number of seed companies such as Burpee and Park Seeds. But which one works best? Well, that's where little Miss Biology comes in. I'll preform an experiment!

Hypothesis: Foliar Feeding gives additional nutrients to plants via absorption of those nutrients through the leaves of the plant. We will test the effectiveness of 2 leading foliar feeding products, Spray-N-Grow and Sea Magic.

Variables: Sun-light, soil composition, root-fertilization (traditional), foliar fertilization, water, plant quality.

Experimental Design: 3 Petunia plants (Petunia x hybrida) will be potted in a garden soil (Scott's) and compost (composted cow manure) mixture. All three specimens will be set in full sun-light for optimal growing. They will all be watered as needed and will be fed every 2-weeks via traditional root feeding with Miracle Grow (watering can singles, 2 packets per 2 gallons of water, warmed by the sun). Specimen A will serve as the control and will not receive any additional care. Specimen B will receive a Foliar Feeding spray of Sea Magic ever 2-weeks, mixed as per the instructions of the product. Specimen C will receive a Foliar Feeding spray of Spray-N-Grow ever 2-weeks, mixed as per the instructions of the product. Foliar Feedings will be administered via pump-sprayers.

Measurement: Pictures will be taken at the time of planting, and ever week (Sunday) thereafter. The experiment will conclude in 2 months.

Theory: The specimens that are Foliar Fed will produce more blooms and foliage than the control. Because of its organic properties, the Sea Magic will preform best.

Check back for updates!

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